We GUARANTEE our work and aim for 100% satisfaction guaranteed in our customer service for YOU. 

Below we have detailed our service guarantee examples for YOU

With our guarantee YOU won’t need to pay for anything more than once, or that YOU do not want or need as YOU get to pick and mix YOUR course modules for YOU.

With OUR GUARANTEE YOU can build YOUR own programme from our modules, to meet YOUR goals, for YOUR personal and professional development plan through our Mix & Match options.

We have designed our courses this way as we want YOU to have guaranteed satisfaction and we know how frustrating it is when the course YOU want has aspects within it that YOU have to buy that YOU don’t want or need. 

So this way YOU get to choose how YOUR course looks. 

Want guidance on this?

No problem 

The modules are also bundled to give YOU an idea of what goes with what, so if the bundle is what YOU want, then go for it. If it’s not quite, then YOU can adjust YOUR purchase by using the bundle as guidance and putting in YOUR basket just the modules YOU want and need.

With OUR GUARANTEE YOUR course really can be as BIG or as small as YOU want! 

BUT to make sure that YOU don’t find yourself paying over the cost of a full course, we have added discounts depending on the number of modules that  YOU choose

With OUR GUARANTEE YOU can access YOUR course and YOUR membership area ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, ANY WHERE

Picture of the words on line courses with lots of course icons surrounding it

YOU can access YOUR Membership area on our main site 24/7

ALL our Membership offers are available to purchase 24/7.

So YOU can become a member when it is convenient to YOU on this link HERE

Then YOU can go ahead and access YOUR Member area 24/7 too.

YOU can access YOUR courses on our Learning Platform 24/7 when YOU purchase a course so YOU can work through them when YOU want.   

a sign saying payment terms

With OUR GUARANTEE YOU will NEVER have to pay for a module more than once.

Once YOU have purchased one of our modules, because YOU can buy them all separately if they appear again as an option for another course, then YOU simply buy the rest of the modules for that course separately and leave the one YOU already have out.

For example: ALL our Life Success courses will have the 6 Fundamentals of Life Success modules as part of the course. If YOU have bought these already, or YOU have access to them as part of YOUR Water Membership, then YOU buy all the modules in the course except these.

OUR Price Guarantee also ensures that even having purchased all the modules separately, as well as the Fundamentals for Success Modules previously, YOU will never exceed the maximum cost for the full course of £900. If YOU do then YOU need to let us know.

With OUR GUARANTEE YOU will ALWAYS get access to ALL new information added to YOUR Membership Level no matter how long YOU have been with us. 

YOU will ALWAYS get access to the latest information when we update any of the products on our site. 

new product label

We are a new site and we are adding new products all the time. We will then of course in the future be updating these and still adding new products to our range. We want to assure YOU that no matter when YOU bought a product, or joined SuccesseMy Membership, if we add something new to the membership at YOUR Membership level YOU will automatically get access to it, and if we update something YOU have access to YOU will automatically get that update too at no extra cost.

Privacy Policy

Lastly with OUR GUARANTEE we guarantee YOUR privacy through our Privacy Policy as we value our own privacy too.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to demonstrate our commitment. 

Now you know OUR GUARANTEE, why not try our pick and mix and check it out?

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