Achieve Personal Confidence

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Get Organised to Succeed

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Getting Your Message Across

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Finding YOUR 'Mojo'

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Growth Mindset

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Leadership Skills

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Presentation Skills

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Solutions Focused Thinking

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Stress Management

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Successful CV Writing

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Inspiring Life Success

Throughout your life you will have found yourself at crossroads where you have been unsure which direction to take, where your career path seems much harder than anticipated, may be you have reached a place where you know you need to change, where work strategies are taking a road you no longer wish to travel, or the challenge has gone from your day and you quite simply want a change. 

Creating new opportunities and possibilities SuccesseMy will help YOU, using a series of powerful tools, learn to travel YOUR career path and inspire YOUR success.

Quick Find

We will help you find that small change that you want to make or a completely new road you wish to travel.

Jump Start

Through our courses and events you will find your direction, determine what you want from your journey, and begin your plan.

Make it Amazing

You will  move from where you are to where you want to be, from endings to new beginnings, to achieve your career success.

Your Career, Your future, Your Choices



 YOU will know what it is that YOU want from your career, and at this time YOU will know that you are in a position to make some changes. To understand what those changes are you will need to understand your career values, aspirations and dreams.

Not everyone chooses the career path that they follow, some arrive by accident, others by necessity, some through adversity, some will simply say ‘just luck’!

If you have suddenly found yourself unemployed, you still have choices in what you do. You are curious about creating these new opportunities, and it is good to be that way. Fully understanding your skills, those that can be transferred and those that come from specialist knowledge, building your confidence, will enable you to see your path of choice.

someone typing a journal of their career planning

If  you are reading this page you will be wondering, thinking about making changes to your life. You will be imagining what it would be like to be return to work, to choose a new career, to be successful and fulfilled.

There will be things that hold you back, assumptions that you have made, uncertainties that have passed from others to you, responsibilities that you have acquired, hindering thoughts, all of which impact on the way that you live your life.

With SuccesseMy we deal with all these thoughts, changing  fears into opportunities, negatives into positives and disappointments into Success

I know you are wondering what it will be like to live your dream. As you experience, see yourself how you want to be, confident, certain of where you are going, what you are doing, success, close your eyes for a moment, and feel and see and hear how your life will be, reach out and touch, that’s right.  


6 Fundamentals of Career Success

These 6 essential courses are designed to help YOU understand more about YOU and how YOU think, feel, and behave. They form the foundation for making the changes YOU need to be successful in YOUR career. With this knowledge, YOU will be better equipped to face challenges and make the choices that will feel right for YOU as you travel YOUR path leading to YOUR bright future. 



Know Who YOU Are

Values & Beliefs



Know What YOU Want

Making Choices



Achieve Personal Confidence

Know That YOU Can



Focus on YOUR Dream

See the Possibilities



Creat Positive Beliefs

Take Action Now

a diagram of life success aspects dream action happiness for a new life including


Choose a Path To Travel

Making Plans

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