5 KEY Factors for YOUR Success.

Are YOU looking for Success?

Do YOU want to be successful in everything that YOU do?

YOU are not on YOUR own.


We are so pleased you are here.

Let’s begin YOUR journey here, at the beginning.

  What is the Definition of Success?

The English Dictionary defines success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”

Other words for Success (Known as ‘Synonyms for Success’)

There are lots of words or synonyms of success – achievement; accomplishment; attainment; happiness; profit; progress; prosperity; realisation; triumph; victory; win; to mention but a few. Each of these will be a defining moment, a feeling for someone, at some point in their life. It will describe the feelings behind their achievement at that point in their life. A swimmer who has won a race may feel victory, an entrepreneur achieving a profit for the first time may see that, quite rightly, as a measure of success and have feelings associated with this.

And whilst we wholeheartedly agree with this, at SuccesseMy we feel it is more.

So, so much more.

For us defining success means:

“Releasing the creativity which is within YOU,

So YOU can achieve the life, business and career growth that is in YOUR dreams.

Enabling YOU to be elite in YOUR field.

So YOU can be more than YOU ever dreamed that YOU could be.”

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At SuccesseMy to be success, to feel it, at the very end of YOUR finger tips, in YOUR very being, in all aspects of YOUR life, business, career and wellbeing we believe it needs to be a part of who YOU are and everything YOU do. The meaning of success is more than just achieving your goals. It’s about being happy and content, feeling fulfilled in all aspects of YOUR life and being congruent with who YOU are.


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Invitation to success

That is the reason we invite YOU to work with US from a wholistic perspective and learn how to make success a part of YOUR life. Find YOUR secrets to success and explore what it means to be truly successful for YOU. Discover YOUR success and find true happiness today.

  Did you know that all of your decisions are based on logic and emotion whether you want them to be that way or not?

So why not understand more about how you think and work based on what you feel, the language you choose and your behaviour in different situations?

Exploring this information will allow YOU to decide what YOU want to achieve in your life, YOU will identify possibilities and make choices, so YOU can set goals and identify those paths YOU wish to travel to be in charge of YOUR journey to achieve YOUR dreams .

Whether it is YOUR personal life path, YOUR career, or YOUR business, YOU will learn life affirming techniques to achieve what YOU really want, a tool box of skills YOU can bring out time after time.

Do YOU want to put together a development plan to allow YOU to capture YOUR thoughts and dreams, so that YOUR personal and professional development, meets YOUR needs, to make YOUR dreams a reality?

With SuccesseMy YOU CAN

Lets take a closer look at the 5 Key Factors to include?

Emotional; Mental; Physical; Social & Spiritual Development 

Our Approach 

Ok so how do YOU do this?

Our personal & professional development opportunities are designed with all of these 5 essential factors inter-twined to make it easier for YOU to do this. In some cases, YOU will clearly see them, where there is meditation or hypnotherapy for example, but in other aspects they will not be so obvious, but I can assure YOU, they will be there.

This is because we want to ensure that both YOUR personal growth and professional development are included in YOUR planning rather than the traditional route of just your professional or learning development goals. When we plan for both our personal & professional development, we will set out a road map, a personal and unique journey to achieve our dreams.

Recent Courses

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All About You

Modern living brings its own stresses and challenges, and at times it can seem overwhelming.

I know YOU will be wondering how YOU can possibly bring success to YOU, YOUR family and/or YOUR business so YOU can achieve and be what is important to YOU, to change YOUR life to have the lifestyle that YOU want.

Just imagine the impact this could have.

If YOU are reading this page then YOU will already be wondering if YOU could, just possibly, influence YOUR life, YOUR career, YOUR business and YOUR wellbeing to achieve and to live YOUR dream.

three coloured pegs on a line holding on signs which say design your life

There are many examples of successful people in the world today, who have had a dream, a vision of their future and who have accordingly found a path to travel to achieve their dreams.

Who do YOU aspire to be?

I am sure that YOU can bring many people to mind. Some people may have been a role model for YOU as YOU were growing up, others YOU will have noticed as YOU were building YOUR career.

In addition, there will be people whose dream we do not see, but who are living their life in a way that they want, having achieved their personal and professional development goals. They too will have been where you are now.

So why not YOU too?

What should YOU focus on right now?

The answer depends on where YOU are in YOUR life and what YOUR goals are. But, a more rounded approach and one that will bring YOU a greater sense of achievement is to look at putting YOUR personal and professional development together, on the same plan, so YOU can work towards all of YOUR dreams at once. By aligning all aspects of YOUR development and growth YOUR development journey will not only be more fun and satisfying, but YOU will achieve greater results in a shorter period of time.

Some people choose to focus on their personal development first and that is understandable. If YOU are unhappy with YOUR life, if YOU are struggling to find meaning or purpose, then it’s natural to want to work on YOU first. And that’s fine. But, if YOU have goals and dreams for YOUR professional life, it’s important to keep those in mind as well.

YOUR professional development is just as important as YOUR personal development. After all, YOUR career is a big part of YOUR life. And, if YOUR are not happy with YOUR career, it can have a negative impact on the rest of YOUR life.

So, it’s important to focus on BOTH YOUR personal and professional development together.

How do YOU develop professional growth and personal development together?

 It is not always easy to see the difference between personal development and professional development, as for most of us we consider our personal growth, career and business achievements as a result of our professional development, our personal growth. After all we grow personally every time we achieve our professional development goals.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as everyone will have different goals and objectives, personal and professional and they should always be unique to the individual.  However, some general tips include:

Make sure that YOUR personal and professional development plan is just that, a plan that includes some things for YOUR personal and professional development side by side. e.g., learning how to meditate and taking a qualification in YOUR chosen field can be skills that YOU learn at the same time. Not only can YOU add these to YOUR CV, but YOU will find them useful in everyday life and meditation will help YOU to manage YOUR studies better.

Taking care of YOUR physical and mental health, as this will impact all aspects of YOUR life, so setting goals to improve areas such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep will help YOU to reduce stress and better focus on YOUR personal and professional development.

   Choose YOUR first steps to start YOUR journey to YOUR SUCCESS here

SuccesseMy (JMH Aspirations Ltd) is a 2022 Digital Enterprise TOP 100 Company and we are Excited about our future.

So we want YOU to be Excited about YOUR FUTURE

To Excel in YOUR development planning so YOU can Exceed YOUR expectations and be


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