Our Mission – YOUR Success

 To release the creativity within YOU, both personally and professionally, so YOU can achieve the business, career and life success that is in YOUR dreams.

To help YOU to gain the heights that YOU see in YOUR competitors, those that YOU view as elite in YOUR field, inspiring YOU to achieve more in life than YOU ever dreamed YOU could!

 “As individuals we are all unique and it is this ethos that is behind our approach in designing on-line programmes, specifically to meet YOUR individual needs, that can be accessed by YOU, to help YOU define YOUR own success”

Judith Marples Co-founder

So, Why SuccesseMy?

At SuccesseMy we believe that


So often our life path leads us down a road where there appears to be little time for us to think about ourselves, and to develop as a person. We can sometimes be incidental to the development choices that we make or that are made for us as we work and learn, which can make it difficult to find our passion to achieve our dreams. Sometimes we get swallowed up in the Success of the organisation, the goals to be achieved, and other peoples passions and dreams, which can then also somehow become ours.

A picture of someone walking beside tall office blocks and dreamy skies in business dress
A picture of work icons and targets coming out of a steaming mug of coffee

Discussions in the workplace will centre on the business goals of the organisation, its business strategy, plans and business success and by default our role in this success, these plans and forecasts and this is understandable.

We have been there as both employees of organisations working towards the business strategy and objectives, and as mangers working with our teams to develop skills to enable this to happen.

Whilst it is always fulfilling to achieve success at work and to see colleagues and the company/organisation as a whole succeed, there have been many times where we have both felt the frustration of not having the budget, the time or the autonomy to also work on our personal development, aspirations and dreams and those of our teams, so we could take into account the future, personal growth and wellbeing of each person for their personal development, their passion and dreams of life success.

So we decided to do something about it and JMH Aspirations Ltd began.

Reaching for the Moon & Stars a night for YOUR success

Our Vision

To remove the inhibitions and restrictions of current situations, to enhance YOUR visions and dreams, to inspire YOU to reach for the clouds and aspire to the stars.

We wanted to remove the major frustrations that we experienced in order to make things easier for YOU.

The restriction of development goals to pre-determined course content, where learning objectives were partly or completely fixed by the modules included.

The restriction of having to re-do the same modules as part of a course, that may have already been completed in another course.

The restriction of having to complete modules YOU do not need or do not want to do.

The restriction of not being able to include YOU and YOUR personal development in your Personal Development Planner so YOU could find YOUR passion for YOUR business, career, life and wellbeing success in all that YOU achieve!

Our Experience

Believing that a mind-body connection is key to both physical and emotional health and wellbeing Judith has designed our programmes using a unique mix of traditional and non-traditional delivery techniques, believing that no one size fits all when it comes to YOUR Success.

“We are not about shoe horning YOU into boxes, or about sheep dipping YOU through our courses. We are about recognising YOU, YOUR passion, YOUR needs, YOUR journey, as a unique person, who has the right to define YOUR own Success. To choose from our modules, and memberships, what YOU want to add to YOUR personal development planner for YOUR SUCCESS”

Judith & Mark Co-Founders of SuccesseMy

A picture of Judith Marples CoFounder

Judith is an accredited MSc having a Masters Degree from the University of Leicester, a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CFCIPD) and a Principal Practitioner of the Association of Business Psychologists. (PPABP) Along with two of her colleagues she was a finalist in two catagories Excellence in Health and Wellbeing and Excellence in Training at the Association of Business Psychology Awards 2014

Judith has worked in both the public and private sector and has over 30 years of experience helping and supporting people through life’s challenges. Working with teams and individuals to help them to achieve their success personally and professionally she has coached Leaders and Entrepreneurs to achieve personal and professional targets for their business and work life balance. Always working towards one aim – Performance Success and Self Actualisation.

MSc Human Resource Development & Pereformance Management  (University of Leicester)

Degree Institute of Personnel & Development (University of Huddersfield)

Diploma Equality & Diversity

Certificate in Change Management & Change Management Practitioner

Diploma in Advanced Holistic Hypnotherapy (Academy of Holistic Hypnotherapists)

NLP Practitioner and Coach (NLP Academy)

NLP Master Practitioner (NLP Academy)

Certificate in Higher Education (Training Education (University of Leeds)

Certificate in Training & Development (CIPD)

Insititute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Mentor

NVQ Level 4 Management (BTEC)

NVQ Level 4 Training & Development (Human Resource Development) (BTEC)

NVQ Level 4 Training & Development (Learning Development) (BTEC)

NVQ Level 4 Administration

NVQ Level 4 Advice & Guidance

BTEC Coaching Award Learning & Development

BTEC Internal Verifier Award Training and Development

Level 1 Sign Language (BSL)

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (100 Hours Practical)

Reiki Level 1 2 & 3

Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 1

It is this experience which sits behind the development and delivery of our bespoke courses designed to help YOU manage change in YOUR life effectively, by reducing stress, unlocking the creativity which is within YOU, and enabling YOU to be more than YOU ever dreamed YOU could be.

Our Values

To consistently explore opportunities to allow YOU to reach YOUR dreams and aspirations.

To respect and value each person’s ability and creativity.

To help YOU to celebrate all YOUR successes no matter how great or how small.


For YOUR Success

We have made personal and professional development equal in priority so YOU can develop the practical skills that YOU need to succeed whilst being able to ensure YOUR own well-being, building a skill set that helps YOU to deal with the stresses of modern life, and the resilience to deal with challenges that come YOUR way.

We have merged personal development into professional development by including the 5 Key Factors Emotional; Mental; Physical; Social & Spiritual Development into each module so you can own YOUR Success.

We have added courses and modules that are full of the practical with formatted downloads to help YOU in YOUR business planning and career development, business strategy and planning documents. Financial forecasting and cash flow spreadsheets, cv templates, alongside Personal Development Planners (PDP’s) daily planners and priorities for the day.

We have created all our courses in a way that enables YOU to be able to choose the modules YOU wish to take, just like a pick and mix in a sweet shop.

We have identified for YOU the core modules for Business Success; Career Success; and Life Success and added them to all of the courses in these areas. Each set of core fundamentals has 6 courses within. They can be purchased as a whole course, as part of a larger course or as sperate modules. As always the choice is YOURS!

AND of course we have added as a FREE downloadable product our version of what a Personal Development Planner should look like.

This is Our Guarantee

YOU will never have to pay for something more than once or pay for and complete something YOU do not need or want.

We have made all our ‘Core Fundamentals’ modules purchasable as single items, as well as all the other modules around them, in case you have already completed them in another course; or as part of our Fundamentals for Success series; or in case YOU have access to them as a Water Member or even because YOU do not need or want them.

YOU can access our Meditations and Affirmations through SuccesseMy Membership, or YOU can purchase just the ones YOU want and need at this time.

We have eBooks which are also Audio books, so YOU can choose to listen or read. YOU can access these through our SuccesseMy Membership library with a Fire or Water Membership or YOU can purchase the ones YOU want to read or listen to in our shop. All of our Audio/eBooks come as a single purchase, this way YOU pay only once for the content and have the option to choose whether to listen or read.

As we add new eBooks, Fundamentals, Affirmations and Meditations to our products, we will also add them to SuccesseMy Memberships so YOU will automatically gain access to anything new in YOUR member area.

If we update a course that YOU have purchased, YOU will automatically get access to the revised addition in our learning centre.

A Priority – YOUR Well-being

We have placed YOU and YOUR well-being at the centre of all that we do by embedding NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and adding affirmations, meditations and some hypnotherapy to our courses and modules.

If YOU have well-being on YOUR planner to help YOU achieve YOUR dreams YOU can also purchase Affirmations and Meditations separately or access them through SuccesseMy Membership.

At SuccesseMy we want YOU to be excited by YOUR choices, to excel in YOUR achievements and exceed YOUR dreams.

The choice will always be YOURS!

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Our Story

From JMH Aspirations Ltd in December 2011, to SucccesseMy in 2022, we continued to dream and believed and invested in our dreams.

We have learned and developed and it has taken time, commitment and imagination, but what we have learned and from what was initially an awakening of an idea, has become our reality.

We have learned about patterns and trends in industry, commerce, the public and private sectors. We have discussed opportunities for wellbeing and personal development. We have worked with some amazing people and organisations. But, our greatest success has been where we have worked with individuals, people who have had their own unique view of what they wanted to achieve, their dream.

Personal & Professional Development

So we dared to dream again, to open our eyes to life’s possibilities. There have been challenges along the way, thrown at us periodically, as life tends to do, but we have not faltered from our intention to achieve as we have travelled our circle of life. We believe that with every challenge there is an opportunity, we just need to find it.

“Every journey has a beginning, a middle and an end.
Enjoy today’s, for yesterday’s brought you here
and tomorrow’s is yet to come.”

Judith Marples – SuccesseMy

 To achieve all we want to achieve and to reach our goal we realised we needed to be more, we needed to reach out to more people, and so we changed again, we moved completely on line, with SuccesseMy and in 2022 we were listed in the TOP 100 for Digital Enterprise.

So now OUR Goal is a possibility! What is YOURS?


Our Goal

In the next 5 years to inspire over 2 million people across the world to be more than they ever dreamed that they could be.

Our passion and our goal is to help YOU find YOUR passion and to achieve YOUR dreams. We believe that everyone has the potential to be more than they ever dreamed possible. We will provide the resources, support and guidance YOU need to make YOUR dreams a reality as we know YOU will make the choices that YOU need, to achieve everything YOU set YOUR mind to.

Having a Mentor! 

I remember very clearly my first meeting with my mentor Judith as we sat in a café and I said; “I don’t have any skills” I then further went on to say; “I don’t know how to do anything”

Looking back at these statements it’s genuinely hard to believe that I would say that about myself! Working with Judith could be described as an incredible journey of self discovery. Judith helped me to identify my strength’s and weakness’s and really also how to be open and receptive about opportunities.

Sure enough the more I became self aware the more the opportunities started coming –objectively maybe the opportunities were always there.

However the crucial difference was I could now see them! Not only could I see them, I had the confidence and self belief to seize the moment and display and showcase all those fantastic skills that I thought I didn’t have!

Judith has never told me what to do, that’s not the way mentoring works, but rather she asked me to look within myself, clear my head and ask my self “What do I want?” and  “how will I get it?”

Having a mentor really is the best thing I have done towards advancing my career, her excellent advice and guidance has been invaluable and I am absolutely grateful to have a fantastic mentor like Judith.

Yasmin Khan MBE

Over the coming months we will through our blogs, information and services help YOU open YOUR mind and YOUR heart to life’s possibilities, to let others worry about its restrictions.

We have created our blog to help YOU to focus on YOUR business, career, life and wellbeing at the same time. Not in a way that puts on pressure by adding to YOUR list of ‘things to do’, but by helping YOU to recognise what is important to YOU and what steps YOU need to take to move forward.

The content is aimed at helping YOU to develop YOURSELF professionally and personally, whether YOU are in a job, looking for a job, wanting to start a business, grow a business or simply wanting to change YOUR life. We will write about a range of topics, from managing YOUR commitments within the time available and goal setting for personal development and wellbeing, and everything in between.

We hope that our blogs and our newsletter will help YOU to recognise the importance of taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, and that YOU will feel inspired to make positive changes in YOUR life, so YOU also can take time for the pleasure in the simple things of life, a cloudless sky, the moon and the stars at night, the dawn chorus that greets the day and the tide coming in and out while you develop the more practical skills that YOU need for YOUR business and career success. 

We will tell YOU about the opportunities we have for YOU to develop new skills, to learn more about YOU, who YOU are what is important to YOU, the language that YOU use and why this is important. We will help YOU to understand more about how YOU think and feel and the actions YOU take as a result. But most importantly we will help YOU to live YOUR life with passion and enthusiasm for the success of YOUR future to come.

Anything and Everything has possibilities.

What are YOURS?

REMEMBER: With SuccesseMy YOU CAN build YOUR own personal development planner to encompass both YOUR professional development needs and YOUR personal development needs, aspirations and dreams together.




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