Earth Membership

Earth Membership is for people who are ready to grow from within, to stop chasing distractions and to start creating an abundant life on all levels.

Earth represents grounding, the foundation of life, the connection to a life path and roots. It is associated with abundance, prosperity, our dreams and hearts desires.

Similar to affirmations meditation allows us to connect with who we are and what we want in life through our thoughts and our subconscious mind, so we can work to direct and programme the journey in life that we wish to set for ourselves. With meditation you can achieve practically anything by connecting with your inner self.


Meditation has been used for thousands of years all over the world and is a practice that anyone can do, any time, any place, anywhere. It is also proven to assist people with severe and persistent physical and emotional health problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety and stress.

Earth Membership is one of the next steps of YOUR development and growth. Helping YOU to continue YOUR journey towards self development and self mastery through meditation.

”What’s included?

Access to ALL our Affirmations + our eBook The Art of Affirmations.

Not just the ones that are listed now but ALL of the new ones we add in the future. 

Access to ALL our Meditations.

Not just the ones that are listed now but ALL of the new ones we add in the future. 

Access to our 4 week Mindfulness Meditation Course.

Access to our eBooks ‘The Art of Meditation’

Our Newsletter with special Earth Member offers 

 A 7 day FREE TRIAL 

What will is cost?

After your 7 day Free Trial

£10 pcm


£100 per year

(Saving £20)

The Choice is YOURS!

YOUR Subscription

YOU are in charge of your subscription, so YOU can

Leave it running
Pause & Restart
Choose when to cancel

Start creating YOUR journey towards self mastery and abundance through meditation, by joining as an Earth Member.

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