22 Affirmations for Manifesting Abundance in Your Business

Are you looking to manifest the abundance you deserve in your business, but unsure of how to accomplish it?

22 Affirmations for Manifesting Abundance in Business is the perfect support to help you unlock prosperity and success. As you read the affirmations and think positively, you will develop the feelings and behaviours of an abundant mindset that is ready to achieve anything you set your mind to. Everyday discussions become opportunities for collaborations, and the impossible and unimaginable becomes achievable.

It’s time to build confidence and take ownership of your potential as a business owner. With 22 Affirmations for Manifesting Abundance in Business, you will be able to reap the rewards from the hard work, dedication, and determination that you’ve invested in your business. Get ready to discover the abundance waiting for you and be empowered to create the life and business of your dreams.



This product includes:

  • PDF Posters for your fridge, cupboard or notice board - to remind you of your commitment to change.
  • Jpeg pictures for your phone, tablet or computer wallpaper - as a constant reminder of your goals.
  • Audio file of all of the affirmations - imprinting your intentions on your subconscious mind as you listen.
  • A PDF of the words only, so you can check in on your promise to yourself when you are on the go.

Examples Include:

  • “I recognise that success is within reach and am determined to make it happen.”
  • “My business is successful because I use all of my skills, talents and abilities to their fullest potential."


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