24 Focused Affirmations for Healing

Are you looking for a way to heal your body, mind and soul? Look no further than our collection of focused affirmations for healing! This powerful resources provides you with essential affirmations to create true healing and lasting change. With daily use of these affirmations, you can start to turn your life around and start feeling better about yourself, your health and wellbeing. You will be able to find yourself in a place of peace, love, and joy. Let these affirmations be your guide to a life of healing and health. Try our focused affirmations for healing today and begin your journey to living a healthier and happier life.



This product includes:

  • PDF Posters for your fridge, cupboard or notice board - to remind you of your commitment to change.
  • Jpeg pictures for your phone, tablet or computer wallpaper - as a constant reminder of your goals.
  • Audio file of all of the affirmations - imprinting your intentions on your subconscious mind as you listen.
  • A PDF of the words only, so you can check in on your promise to yourself when you are on the go.

Examples include:

  • I take control of my own destiny and healing journey.
  • I release all fear and negativity, and open myself up to healing energies.


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