Our Carbon Footprint

Even though we are an on-line business with no physical products, we are still generating a CO2 footprint. The CO2 calculator allows us to monitor our CO2 emissions and we are committed to testing these emissions every month so we can ensure that we are giving back more than we are taking out of the planet. To to this we are partnering with Trees for Life  by buying a Corporate Grove, purchasing trees for the Grove to ensure that we give back double what we take out. 

Each month we will post our CO2 results, and we will ensure that we do what ever we can to keep these as low as possible. We are proud of the fact that our CO2 is less that 61% of other websites. This will not be easy to maintain as we grow our product base, but we have ensured that we are hosted with Siteground who is also committed to keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible. 

CO2 May Test Result



  The test confirmed that:-

  • 0.36g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits the website.
  • That the web page is running  on sustainable energy


Over the year with 10,000 monthly page views the site would produce 43.51Kg of CO2 which is equivalent to:-

    • Boiling Water for 5985 cups of tea
    • 47 Billion Bubbles 
    • 114 kWh of energy which would allow an electric car to drive  727 km

    This all adds up to the amount of carbon that 2 trees would absorb. When we get out figures for the number of site visits for May we will calculate our CO2 production and place some trees in our Grove. 

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