31 Balanced Affirmations for Managing MY Time

31 Affirmations for Managing MY Time allows you to unlock all the potential of your day with powerful yet simple affirmations that will help keep you on track and accountable in your time management. Through these affirmations, you can create a positive mindset towards time management and reap the many rewards that come from staying on task.

With this user-friendly program, you’ll gain access to up to thirty-one supportive affirmations that will help you take on the hard tasks ahead, and conquer them with success. Whether you’re dealing with deadlines or something more mundane, the affirmations in the program can help to inspire you and keep you motivated throughout the day. The affirmations also provide daily guidance to help you approach tasks with efficiency.

Don’t waste time, get on track now with our 31 Affirmations for Managing MY Time!



This product includes:

  • PDF Posters for your fridge, cupboard or notice board - to remind you of your commitment to change.
  • Jpeg pictures for your phone, tablet or computer wallpaper - as a constant reminder of your goals.
  • Audio file of all of the affirmations - imprinting your intentions on your subconscious mind as you listen.
  • A PDF of the words only, so you can check in on your promise to yourself when you are on the go.

Examples Include:

  • "I know how to say no when necessary, and respect myself for staying true to what is important in my life."
  • "Every day, I set achievable goals and remain aware of how much time I spend on each task."


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