Fire Membership

Fire Membership is for people who have the drive, enthusiasm, purpose and determination to bring their dreams into reality.

There is an ancient belief that the heart is the seat of fire. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that the heart houses three vital fires: the Yuan Qi, which governs growth and development; the Jing Qi, which governs energy storage and reproduction; and the Shen Qi, which governs mental functions and spirit.

The Fire Element is associated with the qualities of drive, enthusiasm, passion and creativity. When we work with this Element it can help us to move forwards with purpose and determination. It can support us in bringing our dreams into reality.


Fire Membership has been designed with your success in mind.

The Fire Element is one of the four Elements that make up who we are and when we work with it, it can support us in creating what we want in life. Our eBooks offer you a variety of knowledge to support your success in life, whatever that looks like for you.

What’s included?

Access to ALL our Affirmations.

Access to ALL our Meditations.

Access to ALL our eBooks.

Not just the ones that are listed now but ALL of the new ones we add in the future. 

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£66 for the year.


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Work with YOUR Fire element using YOUR drive, enthusiasm, passion and creativity to achieve what YOU want from YOUR life with our Fire Membership.