Achieve your Dreams 

About Us – Our Mission

To release the creativity within people, both personally and professionally, so they can achieve the business and career growth that is in their dreams.

To help them to gain the heights that they see in their competitors, those that they view as elite in their field, inspiring them to be more than they ever dreamed that they could be.


Our Vision Statement 

To remove the inhibitions and restrictions of current situations, to enhance visions and dreams, and to inspire all to reach for the clouds and aspire to the stars.

Our Values

To consistently explore opportunities to allow people to reach their dreams and aspirations.

To respect and value each person’s ability and creativity.

To celebrate all successes no matter how great or small.


Our Goal

In the next 5 years to inspire over 2 million people across the world to be more than they ever dreamed that they could be.

Our Expertise

Judith Marples is one of two co-founders of SuccesseMy. She has an Msc in Human Resource Development and Performance Management and is also a Registered Change Management Practitioner; a Clinical and Holistic Hypnotherapist and an NLP Master Practitioner and trainer. Judith is accredited as a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and a Principal Practitioner of the Association of Business Psychologists. 

She has worked in both the public and private sector and has over 30 years of experience helping and supporting people through life’s challenges.  Working with teams and individuals to help them to achieve their success personally and professionally she has coached Leaders and Entrepreneurs to achieve personal and professional targets for their business and work life balance. Always working towards one aim – Performance Success and Self Actualisation.


  “As individuals we are all unique and it is this ethos that is behind my approach in designing on-line programmes specifically to meet individual needs”

It is this experience which sits behind the development and delivery of our bespoke courses designed to help people manage change in their lives effectively, by reducing stress, unlocking the creativity within them, and enabling them to be more than they ever dreamed they could be.

Believing that a mind-body connection is key to both physical and emotional health and wellbeing Judith has designed our programmes using a unique mix of traditional and non-traditional delivery techniques, believing that no one size fits all.

About Us – Our Story

SuccesseMy is an extension of a dream that began with JMH Aspirations Ltd in December 2011. We dreamed and believed and invested in our dreams. We have learned and developed and it has taken time, commitment and imagination, but what we have learned from what was initially an awakening of an idea, has become a reality.

We dared to dream, to open our eyes to life’s possibilities, walking gradually from darkness into light. There have been challenges along the way, thrown at us periodically, as life tends to do, but we have not faltered from our intention to achieve as we have travelled our circle of life.

Personal & Professional Development

Do you dream? In black and white or in colour? Do you find yourself with regular déjà vu moments where you are in the same situation again and again? Do you seek out the possibilities that could be?

Is it not better to find the courage to let go of that which clings onto your life and live your dreams than to look back and to find you have lost what might have been? Letting go can be one of the hardest things we do. 

Over the coming months we will through our blogs, information and services help you to open your mind and your heart to life’s possibilities, to let others worry about its restrictions. Teaching you how to take time for the pleasure in the simple things of life, a cloudless sky, the moon and the stars at night, the dawn chorus that greets the day and the tide coming in and out. So, you can live YOUR life with passion and enthusiasm for the success of YOUR future to come.

Anything and Everything has possibilities. What are yours?